Jan 17, 2008

Life update 1.17.08

I started School again. I'm taking 3 classes at DVC to complete my Graphics Design Certificate requirements. I'm taking Web Design, Digital Audio and Digital Video.

So far only the web class has started. I got there late and didnt get a computer. I hope some people drop out.

The teacher said you should pretty much know photoshop for this class... score its what i know the most... but this one little old black lady, who looked like Rosa Parks or something had no friggin clue what photoshop was. I'm sure a handfull or newbs and oldsters were in the same boat. He said he spent way too much time last year helping people with photoshop than actually teaching web design.

Get the eff out! i need a seat!

And I curb shotted last night pulling into a tight space. i guess i got a little overzealous about the smallness of my new XB and didnt think i needed to parallel it in.

caught the front hubcap on the curb while turning in.. when i pulled out and started to drive off i heard this fwapping sound from my front wheel. it was a busted hubcap.

i've hit a number of curbs in my day but have never broken a hubcap.

anyhoo.. so now i'm rolling bare blacks... its not a horrible look.

i might just get some of these and rock the rally wheel look.

Other news.. I've always kind of been anti video game. For the most part anyway.. Grown people are wasting way too much time these on fucking video games. But its ok to indulge every once in a while. right?

THe other day i was jonesing for some old school Zelda for the original Nintendo. but I dont have any game systems. A hacker pirate friend of mine hooked me up with a NES emulator and Zelda. i've kind of been hooked on this shit like its 1986 again. I guess Zelda was the first Nintendo game you could save your game. I have 15 heart containers and i'm on level 6.

those fucking pancake shield stealing bastards are kicking my ass.

these fuckers dont help either.

i hope i get to skate this weekend.. i have to re-re-do the stupid bathtub caulking.

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jimbizzle said...

Rght on with school. I need to get edjamacated!