Jan 15, 2008

Pink Hello Kitty Nightmare Part 2

Hello Kitty chick is fucking annoying. She's that chick that works here I blogged about, who kept asking me for Adobe Illustrator help.

Everything she says and does is just annoying. Her cubicle is like a shrine to hello kitty. thats annoying too

She set up these cubby hole "mailboxes" in the hall for the shop employees who dont get office email.. so they can enjoy lame company bulletin spam in print form.

She decided that it was necessary to print up fliers announcing the new mailboxes on bright yellow paper that say "YOU HAVE MAIL". The quote is "YOU'VE GOT MAIL" you retard.

and she's posted them on every vertical surface throughout the whole property. I have to stare at one when i walk into the bathroom...and while i piss.

She also took it upon herself to put table cloths and center piece plants on every table in the lunch room. And, ironically made the white board messy with "CLEAN UP YOUR MESS" announcements written all over it in red pen.

today, i want to kill her.

1 comment:

Jessica A. Walsh said...

Ya know? Every time you talk shit about Hello Kitty girl you sound like a little boy with a crush.

I hate Hello Kitty too.