Jan 15, 2008

home un-improvment

Remember how we got the kitchen and bathroom in our place remodeled a while back? The morons that were hired to do it did a horrible job. And I'm the one who gets to fix all the shit they fucked up.

One of the hinges in our cabinet fell out. usually this would be an easy thing to fix.. but the mentally handicapped assholes that put them together used a tim taylor power drill to install lightweight cabinet hinge screws. every single piece of cabinet hardware's screw heads are stripped out completely. The screw heads had to be grinded off so we could put new ones in.

Our tub has leaked into the garage downstairs, well, since they put it in. we had them come back twice to "fix' it. I've pretty much diagnosed the problem myself.. its the fucking caulking around the tub. they did such a shitty job that water is leaking straightt through. so i spent the latter part of sat and sun pulling and scraping off 3 different types and consistencies of old caulking.

then I spent last night reapplying some shit my dads moron friend suggested. Its this plastic strip with caulk on the back. Its like caulking tape. anyway, I have one thing to say about caulking tape..... It doesnt work.

After busting my ass for 3 days on this shit, i proudly took the first shower in it this morning and on my way out I checked in the garage. Hey, whatta ya know? A huge puddle. You fucking piece of shit. My dad's friend is a fucking dipshit alcoholic, why in the hell was I even listening to him?

God damnit. now I have to rip that shit all out, clean it all up again and lay down some real caulk. sonofabitch.

feel free to leave "caulk" jokes in the comments.

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