Jan 25, 2008

whats that? did you say it was Friday?

hellz yea. you know what? fuck this rain right in its rainy little asshole.

here's some pics.. but first notice the little "back to top" link at the bottom of my page. i cant believe i've gone this long without it. why didnt any of you complain?

oh well...

traffic, awesome!

first graphics job of 08.. stoked

part of a rad care package i got from another cool artist
more on that later...


nothing says romance like the Ramada in Modesto.
this came over the Fax at work. lol fucking modesto? you want a divorce?

more stuff from the care package
yea doll parts, random.

looks like she ate Jenny Craig.

Bracket, Blacket.. Tomayto Tomahto...

we got our cat a catnip scratcher thing so he'd stop shredding the carpet.. well it works.
...a little too well. he's fucking addicted to the shit. he didnt get off that thing for like a week. he'll walk away, then look back and wait a second.. then go back scratch it a little then lay on it.

Hi, my name is Piglet, and I'm a catnip addict.

bad idea # 45,351

couple more pics of my car. yes, im a dork.
she got washed and waxed sunday.. its rained every day since!

have good weekend. its supposed to flood around here. fuck you rain.

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