Jan 30, 2008

Cream Soda?!

Here at work we have these weird snack/soda machines. snacks on the outside, soda on the inside. it doesnt take $1 bills so that in itself is frustrating.. but soda's are 85 cents or whatever and you have to put the coins in little slots. the dimes are a bitch..

hey whatta ya know? i found a video demo for one of these lame machines.

Anyway, I didnt feel like getting a Diet Coke, again so I opened the other machine and saw that they had DAD's Old Fashioned. I thought "i havent had DAD's root beer in a while, i'll check it out"

Most of you know I'm kind of a root beer nerd and like to try as many as i can when i get the chance. A friend is having a "Beer Tasting Party" for her birthday on Saturday and she told me I could bring Root Beer. the only rule is you have to bring something you've never tried. Thats tough for me since last year meg got me like every root beer they have at BevMo and i'm spoiled now. I have a feeling i'm gonna be stuck bringing a root beer i wont like... something like K-Mart Root Beer or something that i never tried because i knew it would suck. anyone got any suggestions?

Back to the machine.. so surprisingly the DAD's is only 75 cents.. no dimes or nickels required. cool. so i put my quarters in and turn the crank... clunk... Cream Soda?
what the hell? talk about false advertisement! It was, at least Dad's Cream Soda, but if your gonna not specify on the machine label.. people will assume its the more commonly known default .. Dad's ROOT BEER.

So now i have this fucking Cream Soda that i hate. Right after Ginger Beer, It's gotta be the grossest of all sodas.

yea, i call it "soda", what do you call it?
pop, cola, coke, soda
(thats one of my top visited blog posts by the way)

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Symple One said...

Cream and soda just dont work for me it is sick and nasty! im right there with you!!!!!! I would be happy to send you a bottle of Mcminimenas root beer but the bottle wont arive in time for sarturday. Most privatly owned breweries like to mAke thier own root beer. look up a local one and go get a case. you might be suprised how god they are. jimbo ususaly has root beer at the brewieries i drag him to cuz he hates beer to.