Jan 9, 2008

dorkiest conversation EVER

So the other day I found this movie called "Helvetica" on netflix. yes like the font. Its a documentary about the history of Helvetica, and its impact on graphic design and typography over the past decade. sounds dorky, I know but if youre a designer or ever really get into type its pretty interesting. If you have Netflix you can watch it on line.

I told Tom about it and he started to watch it. here's our convo this morning. Oh and Happy birthday you old yak gelder.

: 24 minutes in to Helvetica, and it is VERY cool.
Kirk: ha ha. i love the german accents ... "elvedica.. eets like aiaah.."
Tom: yeah, I love that too. Always reminds me of Deter from Sprockets.
Tom: I knew I loved that font for a reason. It ireally is perfect. I lost it about a year ago when moving computers, so I only have Arial. I need to get helvetioca back.
Kirk: yea, i dont know why i dont have it. where can you get it?
Tom: it costs $$
Tom: I got it flowed once.
Kirk: yea i found it on the LinoType site. its $$... its so generic you think it would be free. bastards!
Tom: yeah
Kirk: they should hand that shit out like a business card
Tom: I bet most of the "helvetica" we see today on the streets is Arial. Which sucks.
Kirk: i honestly cant tell a difference. here's a Arial vs Helvetica quiz http://www.iliveonyourvisits.com/helvetica/ Tom: the R is different
kirk: for sure
Tom: here's the Arial Wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arial
Kirk: the t is different too.... crazy
Tom: I have something called "coolvetica" which is pretty close....want it?
Kirk: i can get it from that font site. i almost did yesterday
Tom: right. it's not bad. i got it for the T
Kirk: just the t? lol
Tom: actually, the 't'
Kirk: here's a more indepth article about the differences; http://www.ms-studio.com/articlesarialsid.html
Tom: that is insteresting! I thought the t in arial had a straight top, and helvetica's was slanted. I'm all fucked up.
Kirk: ha ha. the capital G is very unique to helvetica. that tooth hanging off is really signature
Tom: I HATE the Airal C The ends are angled the wrong way!!!
Kirk: oh totally
Tom: yeah, the G is killer
Kirk: i think i like the Grotesk 215 "R" the best tho
Tom: yeah, the little flip on the end of the helvetica R is little gay.
Kirk: and retarded
Tom: dorkiest conversation EVER
Kirk: totally!!! i love it
Tom: HAHA!!
Kirk: i feel like we should be in big leather chairs smoking pipes
Tom: Or sitting at giant desks with nothing on them, except a swiss designed lamp.
Kirk: and really cool euro eyeglasses. yours will be lime and mine will be orange
Tom: ya
Kirk: with a giant poster of a Helvetica "G" behind us
Tom: HAHA!
Kirk: damnit i need Helvetica now! i feel like a shill using Arial.
Tom: yeah for sure. I know some dudes on SnB have it. There's some serious type guys on there.
Kirk: yea the coolvetica "t" is nuts
Tom: I'm going do a test with Arial, and Coolvetica
the capital G is retarted. it's like G and J makin' babies
kirk: i'm DLing it now
Tom: and J is taking it from behind
Kirk: lol ... notquitevetica
Tom: Hellifthisishelvetica.... Likehelvetica
Kirk: i just clicked the photoshop icon.. see you in 3 hours
Tom: lol
Kirk: the coolvetica "G" "j" and "q" are lame.
Tom: totally. they tried way too hard.
Kirk: the more i look at Arial the more ugly it is to me
Tom: I KNOW! and it sucks, because it's my "go-to" font.
Kirk: and now i feel like im in some secret "can tell the difference between Arial and Helvetica" club. Arial, its the poor mans Helvetica
Tom: Yup. I know real desingers laugh at me for using Arial
Tom: those smarmy fuckers
Kirk: im envisioning a comic strip. Milhouse saying "Hello nelson" written in arial, and then getting kicking him in the shins by Nelson while he says "HA HA" back to him, written in helvetica. it would be hard to tell its Helvetica with "HA HA" tho. it would be very subtle

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