Jan 2, 2008

Patience and Fortitude conquer all things

i needed an 08 calendar for my desk and theres a stack of shit vendors leave on the front desk.. i grabbed the smallest calender that was there.. it was all paintings. like impressionist and bob ross type shit. i figured i needed a calendar and this one wasnt huge so fuck it.

I turn the first page and it has photos of "the artists" that did the paintings. and then i read the title of the calendar.. "...painted by the mouth and foot painting artists"

they're all amputees!!!!!!!

i feel bad laughing.. but its totally not what i was expecting to see. considering their disabilities.. these paintings arent half bad. "not bad for an amputee"

the title of this post is January's painting title.

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Symple One said...

post some of the pictures... i gotta see them.