Jan 4, 2008

they said there would be rain...

And they were right!! It's raining like a race horse in a pissing contest out there. and windy too!

Whats funny tho is that its not even all that bad, but here in sunny, moderate California we wet our pants over any kind of actual weather.

Everyone on the roads this morning were driving safe and keeping a distance.. except this one fucking minivan. this dude(bitch?) kept cutting people off and riding their ass. I bet this is the same jagoff that wont have his headlights on during the commute home. i think thats actually a law here now. headlights required if you have your wipers on.. best law passed in 07 I'd say.

here's some photos.

talk about bad timing. right after the oil spill a couple weeks ago, the local gas station had these on sale at the register.

my rain gauge

Sir Linus Willaby

Patience and Fortitude conquer all things

ORDER Handy with FREE SUck YOU GET $19

frozen car. skateboarding @ 7:00 am.

nothing says "FUN" like cutting out and playing dress up with America's favorite Republican Presidents.

made this yesterday from that sketch.

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jimbizzle said...

That human rabbit thing is creepy.