Jan 2, 2008

Masturbate in 2008

Don't hate in 2008. Dont be late in 2008. It'll be great in 2008. Make em wait in 2008. Go out-of-state in 2008. Let him lick your plate in 2008. Call up Nate, in 2008. Clean slate, in 2008. Get a date in 2008. Appreciate in 2008. Dont drink acetate in 2008.

damn, a lot of stuff rhymes with 8. i had a bitch of a time coming up with something for last year.

anyway, happy new year. here's some of my favorite blogs from that piece of shit 2007. It was gonna be a top 10 but i just like to read myself so much Its just a list.

skate or die dude
may not be a total fav, but its the first post of 2007. funny how i'm skating every weekend now and my ass currently hurts from falling over the weekend.

Moon Mansions
this one was funny. and informative. I'm still pissed about it. there was even a follow up.
GM- green cars
Nice Try Al Gore

Lame Parkers

another rant about something.

Big In Japan
that stupid goth band from japan.

My fast food rantings from 2007
Fast Food Tray hygiene
McBreakfast rehash
Wake the Fuck up

Fuck Fuckity Fuck
a little glimpse into the place i sell most of my time.

Furniture Oasis Furniture rants
how could we forget my favorite retarded furniture store.
What were you thinking, seriously
Some Photo Friday's that I mentioned them

Experiment Gone Wrong
rant about the new X-13D experimental Doritos flavor

Javalero Strikes Again
I dont know why, but i get a lot of traffic coming to this post.

The Doctor said I wouldnt have so many nose bleeds, If i just kept my finger out of there
my savage nosebleed story

Dear Asshole in the 85 Vette
traffic rants

Dont Fuck with the MTZ
atm robbery gone wrong

The Almost Dead Hooker Story
True Story from the road

Street Condoms
there's hookers here.

Big Job Finally Finished

pics of that skate shop i did all the logos and signs for

search for skateboards
blogs and various photo fridays that mention skateboards

well thats all i feel like spending time on this morning. there's other good ones, and i'm sure you have your personal favs. if its not on this list, search for it and post up in the comments.

happy new year assfaces! thanks for reading the noggins. oh yea, i changed the banner again.


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jimbizzle said...

I don't like the text in the banner. It's hard to read. I've told you that before though.