Apr 30, 2008

Holy Picasa!

Are you a fan of Photo Friday? Do you wish that you could just look at every pic I've ever posted on here all at once in a convenient slide show? Well, don't ever say I've never done anything for you..

this is the first installment of 500 out of a current 1700 images and growing!

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Meebo You Dummies!

Meebo isn't French but its so rad you'd think it was. I use meebo.com to do all of my instant messaging. It's an all-in-one IM service that you dont have to download. It's friggin rad. There are all these cool features built in but I cant use most of them because all of you losers are still downloading AIM and Yahoo.

get with the times

just log in with whatever and also register for meebo and it logs you into all your IMs automatically.

French stuff.

I'm getting a new cube neighbor today. She's a French intern. Some French chick that our boss is bending over backwards for. She's living in the company condo, getting a salary. she probably gets paid more than me.

Anyway, so what if she does, France rules. they invented;
  • French toast,
  • French fries,
  • French bread,
  • French manicures,
  • French vanilla,
  • French braids,
  • French kisses,
  • French roast coffee,
  • French maids,
  • and the French press.

and I'm sure a bunch of other shit. oh yea all that and heathcare to boot!

Viva le France!

Apr 29, 2008

Crap, I missed EarthDay again.

Oh crap I totally missed Earth Day. By a week apparently. I missed my golden opportunity to say loudly to my puny masses that I refuse to celebrate Earth Day. That I will protest it until our Government does something about it's kickbacks to the energy industry that is polluting the earth 1000 times more than any commuter or diaper ever could.

Technically I did boycott Earth Day, I just didn't tell anyone or know I was doing it. I'm not sure how effective a protest that is but I'm saying it now.

I just get this feeling that recycling soda cans or driving a hybrid is pointless if it takes a bajillion tons of CO2 coming from Coal plants, Refineries and Malaysian recycling centers to do it.

While it makes people feel good I guess, it's still 2 steps forward 3 steps back.

For Doug Fine, everyday is Earth Day!

Apr 28, 2008

Check Your Neighbors

A 73-year-old Austrian man confessed Monday to imprisoning his daughter in a windowless cell in his basement for 24 years and fathering seven children with her, police said.

"He admitted that he locked his daughter, who was 18, in the cellar, repeatedly had sex with her and that he is the father of her seven children," said Franz Polzer, head of the criminal investigations unit in the province of Lower Austria.


makes you wonder how much of that is going on and no one knows about it..

Rita told me:
"her father allegedly sedated, handcuffed and locked her in a room in the cellar on Aug. 28, 1984. She was reported missing a day later, and a month later a letter surfaced, allegedly written by her, saying she didn't want to be found. is that all it takes over there to call off an investigation? fucking chocolate-huffing polka dancing Nazi motherfuckers"

Theres a house I walk my dog passed that I think could have some shit like this going on. Its an older house in a nice neighborhood who's backyard borders the Jr High field's fence.

The house looks like it was kept up by old people but hasnt been for years as if the people died and no one took care of it.

The windows are all covered with newspaper from the inside and the once cute and tidy yard is all over grown with weeds and tall grass.

I'd like to say it had been unoccupied but there was a work truck in the driveway. no company, like a private contractor or something. I'd also like to think that it was a repairman or something but it was like 8:30/9:00 at night.

it just gave me a weird vibe, especially since its next to a Jr. high

As I walked by, I had this vision of some creepo wackng off to JR high kids playing in the playground while the old couple's bodies rot in the next room, still sitting in front of the TV they were watching when they got killed.

you just never know.

Apr 25, 2008

Google Tool Bar Button!

its official the kirknoggins google toolbar button!

you gotta have google toolbar installed

LOST cam back last night!

Damn tons of shit to talk about in that episode, but i will refrain from spoiling any beans for all the losers that aren't caught up.

Giants won last night, just in time for me to watch Lost. yay!

here's some more of this stuff.

check out how pimpy my Firefox is! i made custom google toolbar buttons! (click for big)

this is another place I go to that are Mustard Haters! look, effing packets. this is what i am reduced to.

new schwoopy computer at work! finally no more blasted out CRT!

this is Georgies new dog toy. it looks kinda like a fuzzy penis to me.

rem - steve

freaky under construction elevator.

WTF is freezer jam? it makes me think of toe jam.
this is the best diet iced tea ever. no bullshit lemon or fruit flavors..just good ol sugar free sweet tea!

J-Slim sent me this. its on the bathroom wall at his job.

the mustard hating philly cheese steak place is on the left.


go go gimp scooter!

ok all of you, thanks for reading and stuff. I hope that you get bitten by rare venomous snakes that your angry neighbor put into your mailbox because your 100yr old Oak tree blocks his satellite dish.


Apr 23, 2008

Fire In the Sky!

Phoenix UFO Sighting Stirs Local Residents

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Phoenix UFO stirred local residents on Monday night as witnesses reporting lights in the sky following by jets racing toward them.

Witnesses of the Phoenix UFO said they saw four or five red lights lined up in a straight line and spaced apart evenly. The lights slowly moved east and became dimmer when suddnely three jets flew from the west and traveled in the direction of the lights.

By: Rob Adams
Apr 22, 2008, 2:53 PM EDT

Witnesses near Deer Valley, Arizona reported seeing four lights in a square shape that eventually became a triangular shape. The lights were moving to the east and they disappeared one by one.

Dubbed as the Phoenix UFO, witnesses said the lights were visible for about 13 minutes at about 8 PM.

One north Phoenix resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said he saw four or five red lights lined up in a straight line and spaced apart evenly. The lights slowly moved east and became dimmer as the witness watched. He said the last light remained in the sky the longest. Then three jets came from the west and traveled in the direction of the red lights.

An official from Luke Air Force Base stated that they do not have any aircraft in the sky tonight and that the lights are not part of any Air Force activities.

Ian Gregor, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration said that air traffic controllers at Sky Harbor Airport also witnessed the lights, but they do not know the cause.

The incident is similar to the "Phoenix Lights" seen on March 13, 1997. Thousands of residents reported seeing a mile-wide, v-shaped formation of lights over the Valley. In that case the lights appeared about 7:30 PM and lasted until 10:30 PM.

completely stolen from http://www.newsoxy.com/ufo/phoenix_sighting_stirs_local_residents/article10840.htm

Apr 21, 2008

Mustard haters

I was at this philly cheese steak place and the lady asks me if i want mayo and tomato on my sandwich. I politely replied "no mayo or tomato... mustard only" she points to a mustard dispenser on the counter and in a short abrupt tone which may or may not be a part of her south Asian accent says "mustah onda sigh" ok then, so I get my cheesesteak and its all wrapped in paper with a rubber band holding it together.

Since they're haters, I have to unwrap it, so i can put mustard on it. I start to unwrap it and all the cheese, and huge hunks of meat are stuck to the paper... thanks again! so i get mustard and since i'm a fucking cripple with this cast on, I cant re-wrap it for shit.. now its basically a pile of meat cheese and bread with mustard, in a bag. under the sloppy mess is another little bag with my fries, and two handfuls of ketchup packets. you cant give me mustard but you can dish out ketchup, in convenient packets like its going out of style?

Why do they have to fill my entire bag with ketchup packets?

Even if i liked ketchup, which I totally dont, no human can possibly use that much ketchup on one order of fries. i swear, there is a packet to every single fry. talk about wasteful ... If it were my preferred fry dipper, Mustard, a half a bag of packets would still be overkill. thats, after i put some on my sandwich.

And if you decide to conserve and save these packets in the Taco Bell Sauce Drawer, youre never gonna use em. Unlike taco bell sauce, that's just not the same in bottle form, you're actually more likely to buy ketchup and mustard in bottles from the grocery store, so the chances of anyone saving Ketchup packets is slim to none. so thanks to irresponsible fast food workers, we have landfills overflowing with packets of condiments we didnt need in the first place.

And on a side note, why do they assume everyone wants fucking ketchup? i hate the stuff, its almost a phobia actually. and to have it in my bag, next to my food kind of freaks me out.


Apr 18, 2008

My Hand Hurts

Its like a new found form of carpel tunnel or something. sucks.

here's some pics.

by "PETS" we mean dirty fookin' Cats.

might wanna see a doctor about that.

i found this with an old wallet picture sleeve with old pics. i saved it right around the time my band was starting to get popular... well, fuck you fortune cookie, you couldnt have been more wrong!

score times 1000

again, killer seats!

never give up

these are the kinds of ads in boring doctor magazines. rad!
they shouldnt name them things like Power Picc with lightning bolts tho, if im not mistaken, a catheter is a tube they jam into your pee hole...they should have more gentle names.
and less lightning.

look, here it is again, throw an "o" on an English word to make it Spanish. why bother?

heres the x-ray, fracture between red lines

ok, fuck you and i hope you accidentally breath something toxic tomorrow.

have a great weekend!

Apr 17, 2008

Left Handed Drawings

I'm right handed, but i'm not gonna let a stupid cast keep me down. heres some cast/broken-wrist inspired drawings i've done this week.

left or, opposite handed. its like driving in england or something