Apr 9, 2008

Go Giants

yea, i know they really suck this year. but meg and i scored some tickets for the first night game at AT&T park last night. Extra bonus was that the hot shot rookie pitcher Tim Lincecum was pitching.

It was freezing balls, but it was a good game. It seems like every cold-ass night game i've been too goes into extra innings. Giants had the lead the whole game but lost it and the Padres tied it up in the 9th.. the Seagulls were ready. there were fireworks waiting to be set off for the opening night 50th anniversary celebration. but no. We get 2 more innings of baseball. In true Barry Bonds fan fashion, hella people, who obviously dont care about baseball, got up and went home after the 9th inning. FUCKING POSEURS!! the only game we left early was a game that was raining, and the giants were down like 5 runs. Cha-Cha-Bowl fever.

anyway, they ended up winning. A big Bengie Molina Homer in the 11th sealed it! such a rad game!

here's some pics

really good seats! probably the best i've had.

the seagulls!
fireworks! I'm used to the shitty martinez 4th of July show.. this was actually really rad

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