Apr 11, 2008

Dick Cheney Sunglasses

Giants win another one! Holy crap, thats officially a winning streak. Dont get me wrong, they still have a long way to go but damn.. they beat the top rated Cardinals.

And if you heard about this, IMO, that looks nothing like a naked lady in Dick Cheney's sunglasses. people will write about anything these days.. now, saying that.. here's some horrible photos.

bon appetit

ok , so 85 isnt impressive, but i was going like close to 100 in the toaster when i got my phone out to take a pic. kids, dont try this at home.

photoshopped protest fun. the skater is real, added the board sign.

my digital video class

this sign basically says. MAKE YOUR OWN FUCKING COFFEE
but really, i didnt realise it took 11 steps to make coffee.

whoa! neon madness

Some arty from this week.

so whatta ya think steve?

whatta ya gonna do?

One day, the sun is going to explode. SPF 100,000,000 should work
have an adequate weekend. strawberries are good.

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