Apr 4, 2008

Ludicrous Speed .... GO!

by Ludicrous, I mean Friday. Went in for a dental check and clean.. lookin' good considering my history. Just need to fucking floss. Giants won finally. not lookin' good for them tho.

lets see... what else? I pooped, and here's some friday photo bloggins.

I love custom address names! when i get shit from the cruise line we took its addressed to "Mariner" yay spam specialness!

teaching myself new things in the 3D drafting program at work

smallest bathroom ever

hella stairs.


when you just simply refuse to rent a U-Haul

here's one Steve saw.

the lame

i love that they dont beat around any bushes.. and flat out say PEOPLE DIED HERE!!

this is my dirty filthy keyboard at work.

notice that it doesnt say "horses have bitten people"

ok thats it. if you haven't yet, check out the archives.. I laugh when i read my old shit. also, dont be afraid to use the search thingy, it actually works. try searching for "University of Michigan, Ann Arbor"

get bent! next, its the weekend.

1 comment:

jimbizzle said...

The no BS sign is rad. More things should be that way. I hate that the world has to be overly PC about things.