Apr 25, 2008

LOST cam back last night!

Damn tons of shit to talk about in that episode, but i will refrain from spoiling any beans for all the losers that aren't caught up.

Giants won last night, just in time for me to watch Lost. yay!

here's some more of this stuff.

check out how pimpy my Firefox is! i made custom google toolbar buttons! (click for big)

this is another place I go to that are Mustard Haters! look, effing packets. this is what i am reduced to.

new schwoopy computer at work! finally no more blasted out CRT!

this is Georgies new dog toy. it looks kinda like a fuzzy penis to me.

rem - steve

freaky under construction elevator.

WTF is freezer jam? it makes me think of toe jam.
this is the best diet iced tea ever. no bullshit lemon or fruit flavors..just good ol sugar free sweet tea!

J-Slim sent me this. its on the bathroom wall at his job.

the mustard hating philly cheese steak place is on the left.


go go gimp scooter!

ok all of you, thanks for reading and stuff. I hope that you get bitten by rare venomous snakes that your angry neighbor put into your mailbox because your 100yr old Oak tree blocks his satellite dish.



Anonymous said...

Love the pics this week!

I want a gimp scooter just so I can cut that blasted effort out of walking. I can rest/walk!

When I'm old, I want a walker with a built-in seat for that exact same reason!

Jessica A. Walsh said...

You don't' have a cast on in that picture at the game but yet you look like you're being careful of your arm position. I assume it was taken before the break?

Anonymous said...