Apr 14, 2008

the terrorists are still winning.

So I'm home today because i have to go get an xray because i suck at skateboarding.. but thats another story.

All thats on TV at 7am is the morning news.. but just like rock radio, its the same damn 5 stories over and over.. one of them I keep seeing is about all that shit they make you throw away in the security line at the airport.

You know all that explosive shampoo and bio weapon perfume and lip stick guns and toothpaste bombs. well, since this stuff has the potential to bring down a 747, they make us leave it behind as a measure of safety. well, some people think that this stuff should be donated to the homeless..

You mean after they check all of that stuff for terrorist weaponry right? After they make sure that $100 bottle of perfume you thought was OK to take on the plane but was taken from you, just in case, because it was more than 3oz,was indeed safe.

3 ounces of course, the magic amount that scientists have determined that a bomb or chemical weapon cant be made from. right?

No, that stuff actually just goes into the trash and ends up in a landfill. which is why giving trashed goods to the homeless makes sense.

Where I have the real problem tho is.. they say anything over 3oz is a threat to air travel, but this same exact stuff, untested, is safe enough to put in garbage truck.. safe enough to put in landfills? safe enough to give to the homeless?

by making us give up our shit and take off our shoes as an empty gesture of safety is more evidence that the terrorists are winning.

happy monday!

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