Apr 21, 2008

Mustard haters

I was at this philly cheese steak place and the lady asks me if i want mayo and tomato on my sandwich. I politely replied "no mayo or tomato... mustard only" she points to a mustard dispenser on the counter and in a short abrupt tone which may or may not be a part of her south Asian accent says "mustah onda sigh" ok then, so I get my cheesesteak and its all wrapped in paper with a rubber band holding it together.

Since they're haters, I have to unwrap it, so i can put mustard on it. I start to unwrap it and all the cheese, and huge hunks of meat are stuck to the paper... thanks again! so i get mustard and since i'm a fucking cripple with this cast on, I cant re-wrap it for shit.. now its basically a pile of meat cheese and bread with mustard, in a bag. under the sloppy mess is another little bag with my fries, and two handfuls of ketchup packets. you cant give me mustard but you can dish out ketchup, in convenient packets like its going out of style?

Why do they have to fill my entire bag with ketchup packets?

Even if i liked ketchup, which I totally dont, no human can possibly use that much ketchup on one order of fries. i swear, there is a packet to every single fry. talk about wasteful ... If it were my preferred fry dipper, Mustard, a half a bag of packets would still be overkill. thats, after i put some on my sandwich.

And if you decide to conserve and save these packets in the Taco Bell Sauce Drawer, youre never gonna use em. Unlike taco bell sauce, that's just not the same in bottle form, you're actually more likely to buy ketchup and mustard in bottles from the grocery store, so the chances of anyone saving Ketchup packets is slim to none. so thanks to irresponsible fast food workers, we have landfills overflowing with packets of condiments we didnt need in the first place.

And on a side note, why do they assume everyone wants fucking ketchup? i hate the stuff, its almost a phobia actually. and to have it in my bag, next to my food kind of freaks me out.



jimbizzle said...

Dude... Who puts mustard on Philly Cheese Steak?!?! I don't even put ketchup on mine. Maybe some mayo. That's about it.

Dustin may use that much ketchup, but one might call him a freak.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

I love ketchup. Here in Philly you would never ever put mustard on a cheese steak. And the whole lettuce and tomato thing on a cheese steak is a Cali thing. That's why it's called a California cheese steak once they put veg on it.

We actually save the ketchup packs. I pack Mike's lunch every day and sometimes he gets a left over burger or hot dog or something and the packets come in handy.

Anonymous said...

kind of a phobia?! lets be honest here