Apr 16, 2008

This Already Sucks

The saga continues...

Tuesday 8:45am - call new doctor from new referral. make an appointment for 1:15 in Oakland. They tell me I need my Xrays from Concord...

11:30 - so since i'm in Emeryville I have to leave work early, drive back to concord, get my X-Rays then drive back to Oakland.

1:18 - park and head up to the doctor

2:00 - a lot of waiting a filling out forms later, i finally see a doctor. he tells me i need a cast for 6 weeks.

2:35 - the doctor tells me they just got a new shipment of cast material and i can pick any color i want.. i think about the pink for a second...then go for bright ass orange ..Go Giants. as I'm getting my cast put on I tell my doctor "This already sucks"

3:02 - take this photo in the elevator.

3:05 - get to my car with 10 mins left on the parking meter. realise that its not gonna be easy driving a stick shift with this thing. then drive home.

looks like driving is no problem..5th gear is tricky. I can compute, mousing is cumbersome but not impossible. wiping my ass lefty sucks, showering sucks.

but look, i can draw lefty!

but overall, yea this already sucks.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry Kirk. But I'm very happy to hear they fixed you up instead of leaving it until May. I was worried!! It sucks, but it beats the hell out of a crippling alternative!

PS-they make buttwipes for adults now...

jimbizzle said...

Most importantly... What about jacking off? Are you able to manage that left handed? Meg might have to step up her game for next 6 weeks to help her boy out.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

Sorry to hear about your dilemma. That totally sucks it's the right wrist (meaning the wrong wrist). Hang in there. At least you have a kick ass orange cast.

P.S. I never thought about what happens to all the shit we have to throw away at airports and now I'm mad as hell. Furious in fact. So we have to further pollute our planet in order to keep the skies safe? Nice.

But if this is the way it is, people should just pay attention to what they can and can't bring and stop causing additional garbage. People are so damn stupid.