Apr 10, 2008

Wtf is a Mandarina?

I got a Mexican Orange, or Mandarin Jarritos soda with my carnitas burrito the other day and I noticed they have, what appears to be the spanish translation of the flavor under the english spelling. Which is to be expected, its a Mexican product. But what I find odd, is that the Spanish translation isnt much different than the english version.

Got me thinking... why are some words like.. "MANDARIN" translated in spanish to "MANDARINA" why put the A at the end? just to be different? whats the deal with that. So you put an A on the end and its "spanish" now? thats almost as bad as LookO in the EL houseO.

Why even bother? like some mexican is gonna see Mandarin and not know what the fuck it is because its not in spanish. I know the "O' thing is wrong, but in some cases that might help someone in mexico understand you.. because if you were looking for Mandarins and said " I el NeedO Mandarin-O" they'd be like "que...no. eehhhhhhhh... ahh si Olay! si si Mandarina!!" because i've noticed when people speak spanish they take long pauses inbetween words and go "EEEHHHHHHH" i dont know what that's about. maybe its just the El Salvadorian guy who used to sit behind me and be on the phone all day.

Technically an A or O or whatever makes it feminine or masculine i think. but why the fuck is MandarinA on the bottle as if it were spanish for Mandarin?
and I'd venture to guess "mandarĂ­n" is actually spanish for Mandarin. notice the accent on the i? you might also say that Mandarina is spanish for Tangerine.. which really fucks my head up.

But again, why put Mandarina on the bottle under Mandarin? incase a girl is drinking it? But if were really thinking about it, its just ORANGE soda... and ORANGE soda .. is pretty self explanitory when its fucking ORANGE! no matter what the name is, Mandarin, Tangerine... its all orange soda in the end. if you see a bottle of orange colored liquid, you can pretty much assume that its gonna be some kind of Orange related citrus flavor. .. with or without translated texts. Unless you live in The South, you just call everything a Coke.

Although, since it's bottled in Mexico, I wouldn't trust it not to be fucking some kind of chili soda. Mango Chili. .brrrr....shivers....just thinking about that shit.

still, whats the point of putting both mandarin and mandarina on the bottle? i just can't imagine someone who only speaks spanish looking at the bottle and thinking "WTF is MANDARIN?" then seeing mandarina and going .. "oh there, its tangerine soda"

its basically saying the same thing twice. I have to say tho, I could see some douchey American going to another country and seeing KOLA and then needing the translated (cola) under it....just incase their first thought is "eew KOLA soda.. they make cute little Australian bears into soda flavors here.. gross" because we're morons

my point is. if a dumb ass mexican sees MANDARIN does he/she really need Mandarina under it? I think it's just because everything else is translated. You can't assume everyone is smart. Why do you think they have toaster directions on Pop Tarts?

I'm sure theres an easy answer to this. I'm just a dumb American. ..Do they filter out the hair before they juice a Kola bear?

this post was derived from a conversation with LoLoPoopface


Anonymous said...

Wow, even better the SECOND time!! LOL.

Natnjosh said...

This is the best thing i have ever read