Apr 29, 2008

Crap, I missed EarthDay again.

Oh crap I totally missed Earth Day. By a week apparently. I missed my golden opportunity to say loudly to my puny masses that I refuse to celebrate Earth Day. That I will protest it until our Government does something about it's kickbacks to the energy industry that is polluting the earth 1000 times more than any commuter or diaper ever could.

Technically I did boycott Earth Day, I just didn't tell anyone or know I was doing it. I'm not sure how effective a protest that is but I'm saying it now.

I just get this feeling that recycling soda cans or driving a hybrid is pointless if it takes a bajillion tons of CO2 coming from Coal plants, Refineries and Malaysian recycling centers to do it.

While it makes people feel good I guess, it's still 2 steps forward 3 steps back.

For Doug Fine, everyday is Earth Day!

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