Apr 14, 2008

Fuck You Healthcare system!!!!

Well, i'm typing this with what is now an officially fractured wrist. here's the timeline of events.

Sat. - I fall skating and land hard on my wrists. really hurts despite the use of wrist guards.

Sun. -still hurts but i just ice it and take motrin.. feel like it might be broken.

Sun evening -doesnt stop hurting

Mon. 9:45 go see my doctor who's specialty apparently is agreeing with you that you hurt and giving you drugs and/or sending you to other doctors that know what the fuck they are doing.

Mon 10:00 get sent to another place in another city to get an x-ray

11:59 - get a call from doctor saying the XRays say its fractured and they're sending me to yet another doctor in another county to get my fracture fixed

12:01- call special fractured wrist doctor and find out that they cant see me until May. and when i say "well, i'm sitting here with a broken wrist what the hell do i do till May?" then i get part 2 of her good news. "oh, none of our doctors do wrists" Well fuck me in the face.

12:03 - call my main doctor back.. get a message "we're closed" oh well why dont you just DP my mouth along side the specialists non wrist fixing penis.

12:10- call my insurance company. get misunderstood by a computer. hang up and call back 3 times then get a person who hangs up on me.. then call back again and talk to someone who says that even if i find a doctor who can help me i'd need a referral from my main doctor...who goes home at 12:00

12:30 - scream FUCK really loud a few times. take a handfull of motrin... stew for a while.

12:40 - decide i need to blog this.

what kills me is, when i fractured my wrist in high school all i remember is going to the hospital taking an xray and going home with a fucking cast. i remember the cast went to my shoulder because the doctor was paranoid taht the bone would set wrong and fuck me for life. and now, they make me drive all over the place with a broken wrist and make appointments and tell me i have to wait 2 months .. by then my shit will be healed already you fuck ass pieces of shit.

I guess i'll never draw again, never play drums again, never be able to wipe my ass right again.

crepes are delicious


Heather said...

skip your doctor and go to the ER next time.

Heather said...

hell, go there right now... say the pain was unbearable and your doctor was unreachable.

jimbizzle said...

YEP! Time to hit the ER. I wouldn't wait around.

Anonymous said...

DAMN. It's ER time!