Apr 18, 2008

My Hand Hurts

Its like a new found form of carpel tunnel or something. sucks.

here's some pics.

by "PETS" we mean dirty fookin' Cats.

might wanna see a doctor about that.

i found this with an old wallet picture sleeve with old pics. i saved it right around the time my band was starting to get popular... well, fuck you fortune cookie, you couldnt have been more wrong!

score times 1000

again, killer seats!

never give up

these are the kinds of ads in boring doctor magazines. rad!
they shouldnt name them things like Power Picc with lightning bolts tho, if im not mistaken, a catheter is a tube they jam into your pee hole...they should have more gentle names.
and less lightning.

look, here it is again, throw an "o" on an English word to make it Spanish. why bother?

heres the x-ray, fracture between red lines

ok, fuck you and i hope you accidentally breath something toxic tomorrow.

have a great weekend!

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