Apr 11, 2008

crazy hello kitty lady

Theres this lady that works here, who i've talked about before.. new Cust.Service.. she's the Hello Kitty freak.

well, i've decided she's kind of crazy. her cubicle is all decked out in pink shit and hello kitty shit. its like she just has an air of "crazy" to her. its in the tone of her voice. and how she just says goofy shit. she walked into the office this morning.. and not to anyone in particular says.. "Smells like breakfast in here" then a long pause, and under her breath.. "smells good"

my cube neighbor has a little dog and crazy is talking to it right now. she's like in the Rocky The Dog fanclub... she's the friggin capitain. "HEEYY ROCK STAR!!" and then carries out a one way human to dog conversation in baby voice about his bone, his toy, his not being in the office yesterday.. whatever.. she's crazy.

and she's this middle age black lady. not to be prejudice about race.. but thats a big part of the weirdness

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