Apr 16, 2008

This Already Sucks

The saga continues...

Tuesday 8:45am - call new doctor from new referral. make an appointment for 1:15 in Oakland. They tell me I need my Xrays from Concord...

11:30 - so since i'm in Emeryville I have to leave work early, drive back to concord, get my X-Rays then drive back to Oakland.

1:18 - park and head up to the doctor

2:00 - a lot of waiting a filling out forms later, i finally see a doctor. he tells me i need a cast for 6 weeks.

2:35 - the doctor tells me they just got a new shipment of cast material and i can pick any color i want.. i think about the pink for a second...then go for bright ass orange ..Go Giants. as I'm getting my cast put on I tell my doctor "This already sucks"

3:02 - take this photo in the elevator.

3:05 - get to my car with 10 mins left on the parking meter. realise that its not gonna be easy driving a stick shift with this thing. then drive home.

looks like driving is no problem..5th gear is tricky. I can compute, mousing is cumbersome but not impossible. wiping my ass lefty sucks, showering sucks.

but look, i can draw lefty!

but overall, yea this already sucks.
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