Jul 11, 2006

been painting on

i painted again last night. its supposed to be a lamb, but looks like Spuds McKenzie. use your imagination.

acrylic on wood plaque 5 x 7"

I think i'm gonna paint another plaque that will go underneath this one that depicts a guy with Mutton Chops. i think i'd like to rock mutton chops but meg would get pissed and never be seen with me in public again. but really, where do you go after the full beard?


Jessica A. Walsh said...

Mike ditched the beard and has the mutt chops. I hate it....a lot.

Anonymous said...

Try cleaning it up a bit. Go with a post rock band, corporate drone slash GQ model wannabe look, think Colin Ferrel meets David Schwimmer.

Oh and take pics so I can laugh at them chucko!