Jul 31, 2006

catholic voodoo

well, im home. I survived. I'm usually a sloppy crying asshole at funerals but with all the ritualistic voodoo and shit i was mostly in awe. I didnt even get choked up. I was just constantly thinking to my self "are they serious?" and when someone tells you a Rosary is just "saying prayers for an hour" they arent being 100% accurate. a Rosary is saying the same God damned prayer over and over again 50 times like chanting zombies for an hour. i was gasping with my eyes and screaming in my head "OH MY GOD!!!" all the while there is a corpse on display 5 feet from me. hello? doesnt anyone think this is creepy and wierd? I think i've come to the conclusion that catholics are like 2 degrees away from being a full-on satanic cult.

here's some pics from my catholic funeral adventure weekend.

the town of Sun City is practically designed for old people. the church was in what seemed to be the "church district" the Catholic church, presbeterian and lutheran churches, the mortuary, crematorium and cemetary were all within walking distance from eachother practically sharing a parking lot. they have golf courses peppered throughout the town, and its legal to drive golf carts around on the streets. they even have golf cart crossing signs that have old people driving them! They have countless shitty, but cheap buffet resturants that old people love because they think they're getting a good deal. Thier town motto should be "Sun City, a Great Place to Die"

During the 4 hour dead body viewing we'd go outside so megs sister could have a smoke and everytime we'd smell something remenicsent of Burger King flame broiled burgers. but later realised it was the crematorium. cooked human smells pretty good. It made us all hungry.

which reminds me, i hate Rubios. we had it before we left... that place is a fish taco piece of shit.

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Jessica A. Walsh said...

I must say you look fantastic! Way to clean up for the funeral. Dissin' on the whole funeral though.....but hey, you look great!