Jul 25, 2006


On Sunday we went on another adventure. We decided to get out of the inland heatwave and out to the cool Northern California coast. We first cruised through Mare Island on our way to our planned destination. The Duncans Mills Arts and Wine Festival. It turned out to be art in the park bullshit with one lousy wine tent, handy-crafts and bob Ross paintings on a cow pattie in bumfuck. But the weather was nice since it was near the coast. So we just kept driving and ended up in some freako over 40's love nest lodge in the woods.

here's some pics of the first Naval Base on the west coast, the now defunct, Mare Island Naval Shipyard. 150 yr old Officers mansions, Munitions Bunkers, Naval facilities, 150 yr old Naval Chapel with original Tiffany stained glass and tons of other cool old shit. Mare Island is also home to the oldest Golf Course west of the Mississippi. I didn't take pics of it because all damn golf courses look the same to me. grass and assholes. I think I've talked about this place before.

then, like I said we went to the art & wine fest that sucked. I got in a talk hold with some painter guy. Then we left and drove up the coast. We stopped in at this creepy place called Timber Cove so Meg and her friends could get the wine they didn't get at the fest. Turns out this place didn't have wine so they drank Heinekens. When we walked in there was cats roaming all over the entryway and in the lobby. There was a mid-late 40's homely lesbian couple cuddling on the couch next to the fireplace and a Latino middle aged "2nd marriage" newlyweds practically dry humping with their eyes on another couch by the window. freaky. Then some bikers and an Asian family walked in. The Asian family had their 8 yr old son doing all the talking which was awkward. It was a latent homosexual bartender dude with 5'oclock shadow and a lisp trying to explain half in English, half in visual descriptions like pointing and some form of half assed international sign language that the rooms have king sized beds with a jacuzzi in the room. You should go to their website and be "wowed" by their virtual tour or shitty blurry photos.
this is the napkin from that place. (click to make it bigger)

it tells the story of the weird giant penis with a hand on top sculpture that you can see on the cliffs next to the Inn as you drive up the coast. Tells how basically their guy was a nut job hippie and that 2 different governors of Cali snubbed him for some lame dedication he wanted. Read the napkin.
one of the rooms from the website. eeeew gross. I bet that bed has herpes from 1978

one of the cats at the entrance

who says a mountain of drippy candle wax is too much of a good thing?
that was the pic from their website, this is the pic I took with my phone that day.
not much of a difference. I wonder how often the clean that shit?

shivers.. creepy.

then we drove home. Back to where it was 100 fucking degrees still.

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Rita said...

I will likely have nightmares about that nasty hottub room.