Jul 21, 2006

I'm not a maniacal dictator, I just play one on TV

Ok, so Its out of character for me to regurgitate breaking news like this but this one is too good to pass up. It is,however in character for the notorious North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Il to be the overly stereotypical crazy, evil dictator. There is a reason for this.
In a recent press conference the
5ft 2in tall, American film fanatic announced what he wants from America. The thing for which in return, he would dismantle his entire nuclear program.

that one thing is... for the chance to play a Bond villain in the next installment of the 007 movie franchise. which he said was "the role of a lifetime." a role he's been "preparing for every day of my life"

world peace here we come! call SONY Pictures! we get another Bond film, (if Kim wants, Sean Connery returning as James Bond) and a Happier North Korea!

its a win-win.

I'm not making this up (yahoo news story)


Jessica A. Walsh said...

How did I not hear this! WTF! This has got to be a joke. Someone's fucking we me, right? Well, how did it end? What's next?

Keep us posted

And why is the solution to the N. Korea missile problem in the entertainment section of Yahoo's news?

Kirk said...

my bad.I heard it on morning radio so i googled it when i got to work.. and there it was on Yahoo News. so i went with it. after the blogg i researched the writer and found he writes parody news... sadface. Yahoo needs a better disclaimer tho.

enjoy this fake news.
ps: I still didnt make this up