Jul 3, 2006

how we ended up in IRAQ

wow, i just watched a rad Frontline PBS special that pretty much lays out how Vice President Cheney and Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld's hard-on for Iraq went from a wet dream on the night of Sept 11th to reality through exclusive interviews with former CIA officials and other people that got pressured to make Iraq look like a threat. the fake information that got us in this fuck of a mess.
If you had any doubts or second thoughts about how one day we were chasing Bin Laden in Afghanastan and then suddenly, and strangly we were at war with Iraq you should watch this shit.

It's called "THE DARK SIDE" You can watch it @ PBS's website here.
and i strongly suggest you do.

if you cant watch videos for some reason you should check out the interviews in type form here

and if you dont wanna read anything.. read this.

In short, congress, and we the American people were LIED too. theres no way around that... and people are dying. if you arent pissed you arent paying attention. If you love Amreica, if you hate terrorists, if you are a red white and blue bleeding republican you should be even more pissed because you are not only being lied to, youre being used to perpetuate thier lies.

oh yea, happy 4th of fucking July. Be proud to be an American. (while its still legal)

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jimbizzle said...

How about that North Korea?