Jul 10, 2006

bicyclists go home!

You know what i hate? among many other things, bicyclists. gay helmet, tight lycra wearing, stupid space sunglasses wearing, sonofabitch slow riding, road hogging, uppity fucking bicyclists.
look at these assholes in their matching tight shirts taking up the whole road.

Look fucker, do the speed limit or get off the god damned road. If you have a bike lane, use it, and stay in it. roads are made for cars that can go faster than you. respek that shit.

Its usually the worst on the narrow windy roads going by the coast.. like Hwy 1 on the coast and roads like that. theres no bike lane and theyre huffing it up a hill. I cant pass because its a bunch of blind turns. motherfucker get a car... and then sometimes theres packs of them like its god damn tour de france or something. I'm surprised you dont hear about bike accidents on those roads more often. I should run those fuckers off a cliff. this sign needs to be taken down... you're only encouraging them!!

speaking of cliffs tho, we were coming down hwy 1 on saturday and as we came around this bend you could see the rock face of the cliffs facing the ocean. J-slim saw 2 people fookin on the cliff. about halfway down they found a flat rock that they could screw on. he said she was riding him like it was the Kentucky Derby. sweet.

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jimbizzle said...

I hate the tandem riders the most! They seam so unstable on those damn things.