Jul 16, 2006

to beard, or not to beard?

so, as i sit here with a fucked up farmer sunburn from sitting in the sun watching the Giants get their assholes handed to them by the god damn Phillies, contemplating cutting off the ol' beard and fro, I get a comment on my blog post about Jimbo and I's beard off from a couple weeks ago. It's from a guy named Barney "Danger" Whelan who runs a site called "Big and Beardy".
holy shit!!! ------->
It's a site devoted to the art of facial hair. Wow, what an honor! I can't shave it off now. As an homage to Barney, and the rest of the bearded of the world I have decided to tough out the summer and keep the beard.
The Way of the Beard:
If you’ve never grown a beard before don’t be afraid its like an extension of your soul! The ladies may say they don’t like it but secretly they love it and long for one of their own. Its like your very own carry everywhere pet, you can stroke it while you’re thinking, brush it (or have it brushed) and for special tie little ribbons in it.
thanks Barney!

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Barney Danger said...

thanks for the plug! something else u might like is I Love Hara-Kiri some pretty weird french shit