Jul 6, 2006

war with Tonga

well maybe not, but this fucking snot nosed bitch was racing on the 101 freeway early this morning and ended up killing 2 members of the royal family of, last monarchy in the Pacific, Tonga and walks away without a scratch...well no scratches other than the ones she's getting from the handcuffs and the bonk on the head getting into the patrol car. I hope she fucking hangs.

First Iraq, then Iran, then Korea.. now fuckin' Tonga thanks to this stupid little bitch. I bet she has half naked pictures on her myspace page. what a piece of shit.

here's the story.
Teenage Bitch Thinks She's Fast and Furious, Kills 3, Including Tongan Royals

update: it was the Prince and Princess. I bet they are pissed


jimbizzle said...

I was thinking the same thing myself. You bet me to it.

Andrew Chase said...

War with Tonga? Uh-oh! They might have WMD's! Hey, maybe they have oil!! LOL!