Jul 20, 2006

theyre not all morons

Have you ever been to a fast food resturant, or some other kind of retail establishment and had optimum service? or even experience an attention to curtisy and detail that surpasses your expectations? I have. On a few very rare occasions. I do, tho, regret one thing. I don't feel that I showed the proper level of gratitude towards them when they did. Since my level of expectation, while not outrageous, is pretty high considering the average intelligence level of these workers. Now, I'm not saying that all minimum wage employees are lazy, brainless, selfish retards. I'm just saying the majority of the ones I've had the displeasure of doing business with.

So in the future, when you come across that rare gem, a drive thru attendant that doesnt fuck up your order, or a floor clerk at a department store that knows where a certain item in thier dept is without a moments thought, or a waiter that refills your soda, before you even know you need one, stop and take the time to tell them thank you, and if its allowed, tip them handsomely. They deserve it and need to know they are doing a good job.

Appreciate your local hard working, 110% giving minimum wage worker, because the rest of them are useless pieces of shit that care more about thier ring tones or nail polish or co-workers ass than "your way".

...or they actually are mentally challenged. In that case, smile a lot and tell them "good job" even if they spill 7up on you while they excitedly, but unnecisarily, bring you your tray.


jimbizzle said...

I'm one of those people that fill out comment cards. When I worked at Safeway and people filled out comment cards for you it was a big deal. I'd help someone our to their car and they would try to give me a tip. We weren't allowed to take tips so I would keep comment cards in my apron, and just hand them one to fill out. They sure did come in handy at review time!

When I go to a restaurants and get a someone that does an outstanding job, I always thank them and ask them to bring me a comment card with my check so I can fill it out for them. They usually seam to be more then willing to do so.

Jessica A. Walsh said...

I agree with Jimbo. I consider myself a vigilante consumer. Do good by me and damn, your tip is nice and I'll drop a good word about you to your boss. But fuck with me, and oh no, I'm raising hell.

I was an AWESOME waitress. I was rewarded for it more often than not by my customers. And some people won't leave you a tip even if you shined their shoes while they ate. But I think people react well to good service as a whole.