Jul 2, 2006

rock and lake people with rocks

this picture was taken a long time ago. when we were called "The Few Plus Two" the day Boaz forgot his bass and before Francis "Frank" (far left) and Petey (w/ glasses) were killed in a horrible water balloon accident. we later shortened the name to reflect the loss of Francis and Petey. RIP.

we rocked Friday night, I'm kinda burt on pretending to like other bands nowadays so i split after we played. I dont hate other bands, i just dont like loud music. I was my job for 4 years. Now i just want to play music, have fun and rock out. and not worry much about what people think. if you liked it rad, your not a moron, if you didnt there is no hope for you.. commit suicide immediatly.

just kidding. - sort of. but we really did kick some ass as far as our own standards go. way to go guys.

Went to the lake again yesterday, got home this morning. it was way less drunken insanity as last time but there were still some gnar lake people. as we were driving in on the windy ass road that follows the creek they dammed to make the lake, some drunk dude with his shirt off looked like he was tying his shoe or something but he was over the line and in danger of being nailed by a fast car, namely, mine. so i swerved and gave him a li'l toot of the horn to warn him he was about to be run over. then he threw a rock at my car and put his arms in the air like he wanted to fight. fight. with my moving-at-40mph vehicle. then i guess he punched one of the cars that came behind me. what an asshole. i hope hegot ran over. or beat up by a meaner, more drunk person with a car better than mine.

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