Jul 2, 2006

movie reviews

It's sunday and i havent done jack shit but watch Netflix's. I still have sweat and ass juice on me from Saturday and Lake chum in my hair from Yesterday. (oh rad someone is blasting Kelly Clarkson outside)

We watched A History of Violence. it was ok, same fucking plot basicly as Long Kiss Goodnight and some other movies. Ruthless killer gets amnesia or assumes a new wholesome family identity only to be suddenly faced with their past. I'm not 100% but i think this one had a split personality angle and the dudes wife lets him rape her as the ruthless killer personality. If you like grousome facial wounds and softcore porn and bad acting, you'll love this movie.

The next movie was "Something New" this was one of those black people movies. But this one had a twist! It began with a disclaimer of sorts by one of the stars of the film saying to basicly keep an open mind. wierd.. anyway the main charachter falls for a white guy and the shit really hits the fan. all her friends and family are initially put off by the idea of her being with a white guy, which to me is kind of prejudice and, well, racist, but I'm not allowed to think that. because I'm white. anyway it was basicly your average romantic comedy but it reraised some racial issues i guess, aimed at black people to not be so uppity, anti jungle fever. Or not and im just an asshole.

send hate letters too, kirknoggins 2111 Boynton Ave. Martinez CA. 94553

the other movie we watched was Syriana, which i think i need to watch again, partly because it was kind of confusing, because Meg fell asleep midway through and because it froze up and i had to skip a whole section of it to get it to play. DV fuckin' D's. we bought a new DVD player because it was doing this shit on every movie we'd watch. now our NEW one is doing this shit? WTF... it might just be Netflix sending DVDs in the mail over and over again to random ass people. if you had Syriana from Netflix recently you scratched it you son of a bitch. thanks.

It was pretty good tho. it was based on a story by some ex CIA guy about how the Oil industry and our goverment and the Arabs are all connected and pull some shady shit. oh and its got George Cloony with fat ass beard in it. George, lookin' good. welcome to the club.

William Hurt is in Syriana and History of Violence and he still cant act for shit. maybe he can but i think he sucks.

William Hurt fans; send letters too above address. thanks.

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