Jul 12, 2006

Higher Learning part deux

So I did it. I registered for some classes at DVC. (Diablo Valley College) its our local JC out here.

I signed up for 3 evening classes. an art class, a CAD class and a Graphics class that i hope will expand my current skillset and open some more doors for me in those fields. They are all pretty much introductory classes but since i've never officially taken any classes in these fields I'm sure there will be plenty to learn.
ART 105 is, Presentation of drawing concepts and techniques, perspective, as well as color theory fundamentals, with emphasis on design principles and composition.

ARCHI 126, Course is designed for students with no previous manual drafting experience. Basic computer experience is helpful. Course will cover 2- and 2-1/2 dimensional computer aided drafting. Emphasis will be on the software package AutoCAD. Hands-on training with applications in architecture is stressed.

MULTM 110, This course is an introduction to digital imaging. The course will provide students with direct hands-on experience creating computer images and with experience in editing digital images from scanned graphics and digital photography.
so we'll see how it goes.

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jimbizzle said...

Congratz! I expect to see you homework!