Nov 1, 2006

Another movie to not waste your time on

for Halloween we had some people over and popped in the fresh new netflix delivery. It was a scary movie that looked rad in the previews and was based on true events. that always helps. and thought it would be good for Halloween. The movie is An American Haunting. if you want to see it and find out it sucks the hard way don't read the rest of this post.

It starts out in present day with a really cool, but the ring-esque teenage girl running from something scary in the woods scary girl with long black hair scene that fizzles out when you find out its just a dream. then some yarn about family history and supernatural crap. The mom starts reading a letter from like the 1800's. talking about a Bell Witch. ok my intrigue is sort of making up for the cheesy voice over and bad acting. Next stop, 1800's and a mom wakes up hearing rustling in the upstairs and the dad isn't in bed. this scene, and subsequent haunting scenes of this little girl totally set you up for thinking the dad is molesting the daughter.. but then they throw in some crazy neighbor that curses their family because of some deal the dad screwed her on. then theres a phantom wolf. then theres these pretty descent scenes of the girl getting thrown around and slapped in mid air... with the whole family, a priest/doctor and a teacher as witnesses. the "spirit" throws things hurts people, makes the dad sick.
then it takes a turn. a turn to the stupid. the dialog starts to bring back the idea that the dad was molesting the daughter through lines like "you know the truth" and "you cursed yourself" . then your brain is like "ok, rad i knew that from before.." but what about the wolf and the little girl ghost the daughter keeps seeing, and the witch and the "spirit" and the crazy shit everyone saw?
oh yea, i guess the dad did molest the daughter and the mom caught him doing it. huh? yea and the ghost? this is the best part. the ghost haunting the daughter. yea, that was the ghost of herself. apparently, according to the cheesy voice over which we now know is the dirt ball teacher that ends up marrying the daughter, when you get molested you lose part of your soul. and that part that she lost was the ghost.


based on true events. right, someone got molested by their dad. weak. this is the basis of the town legend and tourist attraction, The Bell Witch?

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