Nov 24, 2006

Beunos noches senioritas!

Ok so, I'm going on this Mexican Cruise. well, the cruise isnt Mexican...that would be scary. the cruise is going to mexico.. For some reason im not totaly into going. I dont think im 100% mentally prepared. It kinda got sprung on me. Thats another story but I'm just gonna say, like a bastard crack baby, this trip wasnt really planned. So... here i go to fucking mexico on a giant floating vegas hotel!

i cant wait!
va el rojo grande

I took hella pics on my cellphone to post for Foto Friday but I forgot i dont have my bluetooth shit for my home computer and I'm not gonna be back in the office till week after next. you'll have to wait. and when i get back im sure i'm gonna have an assload more pics from my bastard of a vacation.

luckily, my good friend Anja thinks like I do and took a couple pics I kinda took. check it out.

she wrote a great bit about hating the mall. You all know i hate it too. fucking soccer moms!
(btw, my pic actually has santa in it)

I'm loving the can-berry sauce! megs family makes this foo foo cran-jam shit that just isnt the same.. I need it out of the can... like mom used to make!

ok anyhoo... Since im gonna be eating free Love Boat food for a week i had to get in as much thanksgiving leftovers in as i could today. i - am - stuffed!!

Read Anjas blog.. she gives great photoblog.


jimbizzle said...

I took that cranberry sauce photo, and the shovel one too. Anja didn't even give me my photo credits! What a hooker!

Anonymous said...

I am so flattered you stole my picture!