Nov 14, 2006

The Grass Isn't Always Greener or Better Tasting

Do you ever get usually expensive stuff you never usually get but do this time because its on sale and then after you get it you think its ok but not even really worth the sale price?

You might not really think ANY frozen dinner can be classified as "expensive stuff" But usually I get the cheapie Banquet dinners. The ones that seem to be permanently on sale for $1. I've had every one they make that seems appetizing and I'm getting sick of em. Occasionally the Lean Cuisines are on sale for like $2 and those can be OK but there's a section of the frozen meal isle I usually skip because its got what seems like the Rolls Royce of frozen TV dinners. This time, the XXL Hearty Hero Sports Grill Hungry Man's were on special for $2.50 so I mosied on over to the greener grass. Honestly tho, they dont ever really seem worth $5.75 or whatever they are but I thought i'd peep them since they were on sale. Hell yea, kirk's going to be eating like an armchair king this week!

anyway, today after following the complicated heating instructions; remove plastic from chicken, remove chicken, cook fries then replace chicken. (what? why am i handling my chicken so much?) i then took it back to my desk and even tho a little put off by the cooking and its physical appearance after being microwaved for 4 minutes I started eating it know, I'm not loving it. Suddenly the allure and glamor of the rich end of the frozen isle got less alluring. Kind of like waiting in line all day to see Santa and finally getting there to realise It's just a drunk guy with a fake beard. (this same analogy was told to me to describe getting a record deal, its spot on.)

the lesson of this story is, although the $1 meals are pretty gnar, they aren't that bad. and even tho the expensive ones look cool in their large colorful boxes, how good can a frozen microwave dinner really be? in this case you don't get what you pay for. That can probably be said about most things tho. When the refinery rained oil on all our cars they payed for everyones everything to get cleaned. My family all got coupons for a free full auto detailing. and you know, it wasn't that great. I defiantly wouldn't ever go back and actually pay $200 or whatever it costs to get it again.

oh yea, and all of these chicken nuggets have a solid gristle center.... excuse me, Beer Battered Chicken Fingers.


Jessica A. Walsh said...

You are sooo much better off going and getting some nice fresh bread, a 1/2 lb of ham or salami and some nice cheese and making yourself a nice delicious sandwich. I've said it a million times and I'll say it a million more I'm sure; nothing beats a fresh cold cut sandwich on fresh bread!

P.S. You'll save a lot of money too.

Anonymous said...

I eat alot of frozen dinners myself and I will have to agree completly. I'll just stick to my lean cusiene<--- spelling. Sale or no sale. They have a chicken carbanara to die for and a thia noodles with chicken that it worth every fucken penny fullprice. Those two are better than some dishes I have had at most restraunts including the OLIVE GARDEN applebees.