Nov 6, 2006

monday mundai mandae

So i had some time this weekend and busted out a painting. I tried painting again the next day but it sucked and i got all frustrated. here's the good one.
i think it looks like a cross between Shrek and Barney Fife. similarities weren't intentional. I just need to clarify that before i get hate mail from Shrek and Don Knotts fanatics. sorry, the phone cam doesn't do it justice.

also, in art class we've shifted from black & white to color! so here's the highlights of my pencil drawing stuff.


jimbizzle said...

I really did the monster face with the negative space.

Anonymous said...

Do me a favor whan you use the mini canvases we hid you bday gift with you'll show us what you created on it. Jimbo challenged me to start drawing again and got me some pencils and a sketch book. Then as a good support he is gave me a few subjects to doodle. His request a dung beetle rolling a ball of poo. I'd like to challenge you to the same! Dung beetle + poo = fine art! I felt very inspired by this and have a few doodles I'm happy with and would like to put to canvas. I'd just really like to see your interpratation<----spelling