Nov 17, 2006

Hungry Man.. strike 2!

Ok, I wanted to try to keep the photos as the only blog today, and i was going to stop subjecting you to Frozen meal blogs but this one was too good to not post.
Today I tried the American Classic Burger meal. I know, how good could it even be? but I usually like the 7-11 burgers so i said fuck it. Anyway, check out the fucking cooking instructions!
Make sure the paper towel is white, thats really important to the taste. they dont tell you to wash your hands first because youre going to be touching it 20 times taking it in and out of the microwave! jesus. when can i eat this thing?

then as i was throwing the box away this caught my eye.
good call, Serve it frozen... in fact never even take it out of the freezer. the taste wasnt bad. it hearkened to the 7-11 school food burgers of yore but I was really missing the pickles from the vat of pickle fluid and the onions from the packet.

on a side note: the french fries taste the same cold as they do cooked. I dont really know what to say about that. anyway 2 strikes Hungry Man. Marie Calendar already hit a homerun.


jimbizzle said...

I was raised on frozen TV dinners. I love most of them.

Anonymous said...

The amount of instructions on the microwave dinners are so infinate you might as well cook a home made meal from scratch!

Anonymous said...

Aparetnly when you put a paper towel with in the microwave that has a printed patern on it there is a gas that releases and can change the melcular taste of food.