Nov 9, 2006

You Lost on Purpose!

i will let you take my knight and my bishop but I'll have you in checkmate in no less than 4 moves.

George Allen conceded in Virginia.. its official .. dems control congress. but now there's "the GOP threw the election on purpose" conspiracy theories because the republican leadership kept urging him to concede. the theory is that they want the dems in control so they can bame them for everything in the next 2 years for the 2008 election. it will be like "look they had control for 2 years and did nothing ... vote republican in 08!" It makes perfect sense. they had to lose on purpose to gain votes for the presidential election in 2008. its a beautiful plan!

check and mate. fuck I hate republicans.


Heather said...

Happy to still be a red stater.

Kirk said...

congrats LOSER! !h aha ha ha ha hahhaha hewe9h0sd09sd !!111

Heather said...

Real mature.

Help control the population of Asses -- spay and neuter your Liberal Democrats!