Nov 13, 2006

why is it so hard ?

My band played, and again it kicked ass. the only difference is there was a full crowd of people there to see it this time.
If i wasn't actually in the band i'd have took pics or filmed it. Other people took pics, i don't have them, but people did. Now that i'm starting to become an art snob and see photography as an art form i really think morons shouldnt be allowed to own cameras. i dont trust anyone else other than me or J-Slim to take pics. they always suck and i always hear "i took lots of pics, i couldnt really get you tho" why is it so damned hard to photograph the drummer? Why is it that retarded groupie sluts and drunk morons can get on stage next to my drums and annoy the shit out of me, but people with cameras cant. As a drummer I always seem to find a spot where i can watch the drummer most of the whole show. Why cant an asshole with a camera? because they are assholes. morons that have no business taking pictures. and if you give the camera to the groupie or the drunk guy, they end up spilling beer on the camera or forgetting they were supposed to take pictures.

so maybe next time i'll bring J-slim or someone i trust to photograph the rockage.


jimbizzle said...

You said "most of the whole show." That's brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I agree, make JSlim your personal photographer, he takes the best shots... :) I'm sorry I missed the show, but I'm glad people saw you guys.

Anonymous said...

I never had any issues getting good action shots of Jimbos drummers! Jim back me up on this how many photos do we have of riggs looking like a chicken mid beat? about a 1000! I think sadly its more they didnt want to take your pick because your not high action like the singer or guitar players! I got mad respect for you thouhgt!!!! lead singers ar not the only members of the band!!!!!!