Nov 16, 2006

Holiest of Holies

i saw the holy grail of holy grail movies last night. No, not the Monty Python movie. Looking for Jesus's Wife's Cunt... aka, The Davinci Code. I hadnt seen it till last night and i tried to ignore all the hype but I generally had low expectations going into it. I also, dont give a shit about Catholics nor did I read the book.. so i wasnt biased which made me kind of end up liking it. It was a fun treasure hunt movie.. like American Treasure mixed with Goonies, mixed with Ronin. That kinda makes me wonder if it wasn't the Holy Grail in the case they were chasing in Ronin.

Although it was hilarious watching it with megs catholic mom. Her niece, Celeste who was in Catholic school until going into 6th grade this year was watching during the part where the dude tortures himself for Jesus. and she was like "why is he doing that?" i blurted out.. thats your religion. Then Megs mom got all defensive.. "they dont do that anymore.. bla bla bla". I was screaming in me head ... HELLO!! catholics are fucking nuts. I'm starting to think Catholics are more insane than Mormons. not .. insane but hypocrites. mormons at least stay true to what they believe.. imagine if Catholics still practiced like they did back in the day. yikes. what makes the myth of the priory of scion and them trying to keep mary magdeline a secret (lie) actually believeable is that it falls right in step with what the catholics have been doing throughout history. fixing thier religion to meet different goals and push different agendas.
they'd keep a lie all these years to keep the sheep believing in a fake god. fucking liars

ok back to the movie... I thought she was the bloodline of christ the whole time.. i thought thats what her role in the movie was. then the big reveal at the end .. i was like.. yea, we knew that. .... didnt we? i thought they were killing the grandpa and the other 3 or 4 guys or whatever because they were the bloodline.

what i don't get is... the whole story basically is that there are living descendants and have been since the beginning of Christian time. there are people in the church that want to keep that a secret for obvious reasons but what is the point of the knights templar and the priory trying to keep the same secret?
and what the fuck was the Eyes Wide Shut/Rosmary's Baby scene all about?

anyway, i watched a discovery special about the real story behind the Davinci Code. its interesting how the movie/book added stuff but also left out hella stuff that actually supports the myth. the show was actually more convincing. But to their credid, I think the Discovery Channel actually has education as one of its goals... as opposed to merely entertaining you. but it was based on a book, that was based on a book that is based on real shit. enought that one of the authors sued the writer of the davinci code.

After seeing this movie and learning all the myths now I want the truth to be told. fucking lemmings need to know thier Lord was a regular dude and deal with the fact that the bible, as interpreted by their religion, is all bullshit. no offense but i hate christians. It's beyond me how something like what this movie implies or even something like, say, the existence of aliens is such a threat to their faith. ... if they have faith it shouldnt matter. so fragile is thier beleif. You might say, people dont want to deal with fear and faith helps them resolve fear.
but fear of what? ... death? of the unknown? Its unknown.. so there is nothing to fear but what your own fucked up imagination creates. I'm more afraid of bouncing a check or getting pulled over for speeding. i guess maybe im just wired different because I cant empathize with people like that.

anyway, goofy religions aside, i thought this movie was better than expected. it was a little cheesy and some stuff wasn't really realistic but i liked it. Other than dumb insecure Catholics thinking this movie was blasphemy I think it should have been embraced as a way to open a dialogue and rethink what faith really is.

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Anonymous said...

Not sure if you know this but the christian and cathloc holiday "Christmans" is acutaly based on a pegan holiday for the "SUN's" birth. Jesus was acutaly not born till late feb and we celebrate it in December because it was an eslier transition to a christian "Chritmas" holiday for the pegans.