Nov 22, 2006


so we woke up saturday and meg had a bug in her ass to go walking because it was foggy. instead of the usual route we took the extended excursion to snake road. Snake Road is this 2 lane road that winds (go figure) through the coastal hills from downtown Martinez to Port Costa. In the 80's, possibly the big 89 quake parts of the road collapsed and its been closed to through traffic. Its pretty secluded and very naturey. Walking this way instead of the regular route theres more hills, more nature and more distance involved. this means more sweating and crotch chafing, but more importantly, more opportunities to bore you with crappy phone pictures. I was gonna save these for foto friday but i figured there were enough with a theme i'd give them their own post.

beautiful downtown martinez

cars, shit in the woods people dump. assholes
unmaintained roads that are closed to traffic
someone painted the road
these ladies had like 20 of these dogs.. all looked the same. running around all crazy

something dead. pretty rad skeleton.

theres also this old ass graveyard up there. one side is catholic the other side of the street is the old city cemetery. graves go back to the 1800's

thats it.


Anonymous said...

Been up there many times.

1. Best place for dumping murder victims
2. Best place for date rape
3. Best place for scaring little kids

jimbizzle said...

Mack makes is sounds like it's the best place ever. Period.

We took some band photos up there once, and I pooped in the woods behind a bush. I ate something bad that day.

Anonymous said...

You and I were on the same page today! I had some cool photos to that i couldnt wait to post up.