Nov 9, 2006

Everyone is Different.

some people like to tow bins of cardboard and a bike from a friends car by sitting on the trunk and holding on. some people think its ok to shoot and eat small rodents, even when they are obviously well off enough to buy real meat in the store.

I took this photo yesterday in Oakland. dude was just chillin' on the trunk holding on to his cart of shit. pardon the angle and window jizz, i had to be sneaky with the phone cam.

I found this gem on with the linked text "i think im gonna puke".

YOU MUST TRY THEM. poor twitching, cute butted, skinned then mocked by nuts little squirrel.

It's amazing, especially when you're from a really open minded area like the San Francisco Bay Area, when you visit the nether regions of this country how stupid, weird and fucking lame people are. The car towing the guy with the cart was pretty amazing for here but its not a totally uncommon type of thing in the ghetto. In the city (san francisco) and here in Oakland I've seen on more than one occasion a train of 3-5 fully loaded shopping carts being pulled across traffic by a homeless man. its kinda sad.. anyway the polar opposite of that... stupid white people. theres a lot of them in this country. Some may be getting smarter going by Tuesdays midterm election results. Go Democrats!

A part of me wonders/hopes that the Borat movie had something to do with it. if you haven't yet, go see it. On top of the funny accent and the slapstick there's a pretty astonishing and revealing portrayal of parts of American white people we know exists but never really looked in the eye like Borat does. The Borat movie is like a cross between Perfect Strangers, Jackass, and Micheal Moore.

oh and here's another desktop background tile I made.

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jimbizzle said...

A squirrel patty melt?!?! Oh My!