Nov 2, 2006

when is season 3 going to get good?

It's almost the fake Finale and its still sucking and getting worse. do they WANT people to stop watching?!! jeez they start this rad back story for Libby and then BAM she's dead. now Ecko one of the cooler characters on the show starts actually trying to communicate with the back smoke. BAM he's dead. WTF lost?
and seriously, those new characters are effing weirding me out. you just cant buy us a new puppy when the dog we loved for 2 years gets hit by a car. - ITS JUST NOT THE SAME!!!! (crying) To the writers credit, they may provide to be usefull or shed insight on flight 815 or Dharma in flashbacks. the thing that insulted me isnt so much that they are new and pointlessly attractive, its that they just popped them into an important role without any introduction. going on missions and such. it used to be such an issue when Charlie or Kate wanted to go on missions. now when good ol' Paulo and Nikki want to go investigate Lockes secret Pearl Hatch its all fine and dandy. and i loved how they threw Nikki a bone with letting her figure out the effing obvious "hey (twirls hair) like, um, theres like alotta Tv's here, (smacks gum) like um maybe they were watching more than one hatch" give me a break, we all kinda knew that already, and assumed (hoped) that locke would have thought of that too. and Paulo in the bathroom... how effing lame was that? that scene was absolutly pointless and an obvious "Paulo needs some screen time" scene.
We know nothing of them or how they've reacted with the other losties. Locke obviously knows them by name but what does he know about them that would make it ok for him to let them into "the club" if we knew Nikki had a past in figuring stuff out, it would have been more believable when she figured out the "stations" thing. it would have made Lockes reaction more believable too.

and why kill Ecko? when Claire needs to die still. Bernard's death would make Rose interesting again.
I think Sun could have died on the boat. I would be ok with less "jin loves sun" flashbacks. after all Jin knows English now right? Why do we need Sun's lying ass.

About the others... they're lairs. basically any dialouge between them and the losties cant be used for ANY theories because they lie. everything about them is a lie. so all those scenes with Jack with the others are useless.

About Sayid being back. I didnt even notice until someone pointed it out... so, they just made it back to camp with no problems eh? that was easy. and it only took 2 days! no big welcome home, no big talk about them not finding jack kate or sawyer... no talk of "the others took the boat" or "sun killed one of them" or that "there is a dock for a boat" conveniently, the "place" hurley was ordered not to tell the losties about.

anyway, i just feel, most of all that the many interesting things they talked about early on are seemingly forgotten by the writers.. the way they leave so many cool story lines unfinished. or finish them in a lame way.. I'm still not sure if they think the "numbers" arc has been finished or not.

pseudo science vs luck, psychics, ghosts, hallucinations & intelligent black smoke. this is driving me nuts. during season 1 i totally trusted the producers knew what they were doing.. in mid season 2 i started having doubts, so far in season 3 I've almost completely lost faith in them.

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you on this one. But the sad thing is, most Lost fans will keep defending the show and where it is or isn't going in Season 02 and 03, because of how great it was in Season 01.

I haven't seen as poor a follow-through on a great premise since the Matrix sequels came out...