Nov 20, 2006


so i had some time and busted out the paints this weekend. check it out.

i painted a small Belvedere Vodka Bottle. I'm not totally into how it came out tho.

I also painted another wooden plaque that was a tad bigger than what I usually paint on. i cant remember for sure but it has to be around 17 inches wide. theres my DVD remote for size comparison.
anyway, It's not finished. I love how this turned out but I never really had a plan for the other half of the piece. any ideas? It kinda looks like fat Elvis or a late Marlon Brando. I could put some bigger side burns on him and make it an Elvis theme. I dunno yet.

happy Monday.


Anonymous said...

I like the bottle.

jimbizzle said...

That bottle rocks! I think the fat guy needs a lazy-boy. He looks a little tired.

Anonymous said...

the oval one looks like he is smelling something bad.