Nov 10, 2006

taking retards to the zoo

remember that song? oh the Dead Milkmen rule. anyway, the retards i speak of are in my Photoshop class. that class is 97% morons. one guy didn't even do the assignment right. we spent all last class learning about the pen tool and shape layers and paths. then the assignment was to use "What we learned plus any other skills we learned in the class till now to make a self portrait" this guy completely skipped the main part of the assignment and used shit from the beginning of class.

also my teacher, by neccesity maybe, is turning into a Kindergarten teacher. when someone answers a question right she litterally says "yeaay... good job" every time im waiting for her to bust out with cookies and gold stars. is this not a fucking college course? are we not adults? I think these retards need that kind of encouragment. honestly i feel like i could teach this class.. im always asking questions and she never knows.. she's like "hmmm, I dont know i've never actually done that" then she spent like 20 minutes showing us shitty, but popular contemporary art. I hate crappy art with a message.

The Mini car assignment we did. most of them looked like a 6 yr old cut out the pieces with lefty scissors. I feel like I'm like in a whole other league. i need a better class... or someone to tell a big graphics place to hire me.

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Heather said...

Already put word into CafePress... told them you'd prefer not to commute :o)

Also, that's what you get w/ night school... a bunch of pathetic morons!!! Except for you of course.