Nov 22, 2006

rip off city

did you ever see something that looks familiar in an ad? As an artist and designer i notice this shit. The first one i noticed was when Nike, who's really notorious for ripping off artists, took the Minor Threat cover and made it a Nike Skateboarding poster.
anyway this site finds this stuff and posts it. thought you wouldn't notice
big companies are assholes to real artists and designers. they also hire assholes that steal shit. and FYI, never shop at Urban Outfitters again. they're almost worse than Nike.

also, as a side note, for you noggin addicts, I'll be taking a Mexican Cruise and wont be able to blog for the next week. check out the archives you losers.


Anonymous said...

No noggins for a week?! Nooooooo!

Anonymous said...

WHAT? are you going to encinada? its sad there.

have a blast cant wait to see the pics/