May 12, 2008

But grandma loves it!

What is it about old people and Zio Fraedo's? Zio Fraedo's is a restaurant here. It's "fancy" but it sucks and its been there forever. old people love it. I've heard it used to be an old school gangster Italian place until it burned. Since they remodeled it lost its edge I guess. Its like a cruise ship in there now.

I think theres this old school mentality that Senior citizens have that if theres cloth napkins and the waiters wear suits that youre "getting what you pay for" even tho its way over priced and the food sucks. Maybe old people appreciate the bland flavorless food because they have sensitive systems. Or its like a combination of both.

They're like that with buffets too. its fucking rubber roast beef and plastic broccoli but its all you can eat so, its a good deal

My dad is all into all you can eat too. because he likes to find bargains.
He kept hyping this place up to me and finally got me and meg to go out with them there.. as we pull up I realize its JJ Norths Buffet. A place by Circuit City and DMV I drive passed all the time where the sign makes me have diarrhea from just looking at it. Meg is permanently traumatized from that night.

Well anyway, megs mom loves this Zio Fraedo's place so all went there for dinner last night. The mothers day dinner was $45 and it was horrible. It was a special mothers day menu too so for $45 I got a salad I didnt eat (nor did anyone because the only dressing choice was raspberry vinaigrette which looked like blood. the beats didnt help either), 3 tiny bruchettas for an appetizer and a choice of 5 different fish or steak entrees. Your specuial menu just alienated all vegetarians, people on any kind of diet and anyone under the age of 12. On top of that our waitress was a stalker. She was like some freaky drama student who thought being a waitress was acting. Being over-dramatic and would ask if everything was ok, or refill my water for the 100th time and then.. just hang out and try to make small talk.. or worse just stand there looming. The place had the heater up to 100 and I was sweating like a pedophile in church... wait do priests sweat? like a hooker in church. Being crammed in a tiny booth didnt help either.

But even tho Meg doesnt eat meat, and her sister is on a strict Food Addicts Anonymous diet and her daughter is a picky kid, we obliged because its like her favorite place.

I wont even get into the financial aspects of this dinner.. no, fuck it, i will.
Megs mom is pretty in debt. She is overdrawn on all her credit and house payments and everything else. She cries when she does bills. Well, due to some accounting loophole she accidentally fell through she got a bunch of extra money on her pay check. Instead of taking this opportunity to make repairs on the house, or pay off debt.. she goes and blows it on new clothes, jewelry for her daughter and invites us all to this rediculously overpriced dinner she can't afford. So now, no one is happy about this meal or the whole night in general and she's back in the hole money wise.

FYI, I didnt get anything for my mom, she's happy just to have meg and I come over and spend the day with her. High point of the day was my mom jumpin onto the slip-n-slide fully clothed. Low point was when she came back in a bikini to hit slip-n-slide again.

Happy Mothers Day.

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